Getting Your Questions Answered With Google Hangout

As a young boy, I loved watching reruns of My Little Pony. My father was a big fan, and he would bring the VHS tapes along when we went to the video store. Much to my children’s disappointment, they were never able to watch the episodes again because they were only available as VHS. In order to remedy this problem, my father would often take the family to a video store that offered multiple languages to watch in their video store. The store was called Blockbuster.

Today, Google, like Blockbuster, offers many different languages to view their videos. Google TV, or as they now call it, YouTube, was born. Google, like Blockbuster, offers a variety of channels and packages for TV viewers who want to search for specific programs or pay per view options.

Unlike Blockbuster, Google does not just give you the movie titles or the TV show names. You will also find many “add ons” that allow you to customize your videos according to your interests. For example, if you are interested in Japanese animation, then you can add Japanese voice-overs to your videos. If you love cooking, then you can search for cooking shows.

When people use the service for the first time, it can be quite confusing at first, but once you get used to how everything works, you will feel at home. After you select a video to watch, then you can either view it right away through the search feature, or you can press the play button. The video will then play right away in the background until you decide to stop watching. You can scroll up or down using the left and right arrows on the keyboard to see what is on each page of the search results. Google will display all of the latest content first so you will know what is fresh and what is old.

When you see something you like, you can bookmark the link for future reference. To bookmark a link, click on the link and then type or paste the address into the tiny box provided on the right side of the screen. Then you can continue to search using any of the search engines by typing in the exact same keywords. You will also have access to a complete list of videos in the Hangout chat room.

If you prefer not to watch a video online, Google offers live video chat. By signing up for the free Google+ social media account, you can take advantage of the free video chat. Once signed up, you can start video chatting with other Google+ users just like you would on the site. Video chat is a private area that is not visible to anyone else on the site.

Another great thing about Google’s search engine is the fact that it is entirely searchable. When you type a word or phrase in the search field, you will get the entire website worth of results. This means that even words you might not be familiar with will pop up in the search results. To enhance your experience, try typing a travel destination or a new restaurant into the search box. The search will drill down the results until you find the exact restaurant or travel destination you want to go to. It also helps to be as specific as possible in your search terms, so try different options to see which one brings up the restaurant you’re looking for.


Overall, Google Hangout is a great way to get all of your questions answered from the convenience of your home. You can talk with fellow Hangout users and get helpful tips on everything from how to do something on the site to where to go if you have a question. As you use Google Hangout more often, you’ll notice that the search results and the content of your Hangout video chat conversations will improve as well, so you can truly become an expert on the Hangout site.

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